Graduating high school student expresses concerns over how proposed schedule changes will affect the reputation of her school:

State passes law to allow public schools to create schedules based on the individual needs of each school:

School board approves budget while expressing concern over proposals to make district-wide schedule changes:

While every school district has its own unique set of needs, scheduling issues are a universal concern.

Illustrated below are some examples of topics that are currently being discussed in schools across the country.

Middle and high schools in Korea switch from block schedule to “hybrid” schedule to decrease confusion and increase classroom time:​


High school changes schedule to save money, but parents are concerned about less class time for students:​

High school considers research on the benefits of a block schedule in deciding whether to make the change for the coming school year:


District struggles to find ways to integrate middle and high school students after budget cutbacks forced middle school shutdown:​

High school gets feedback from administrators, teachers and students, when considering switching to a block schedule to reduce student stress:


Parents and principals question the benefits of the Continuous Learning Calendar adopted by several of the district’s elementary schools:​

School district assembles extensive task force to develop the most effective middle school schedule:


After months of collaboration, scheduling committee presents block schedule recommendation to the school board for approval: